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The P-Team

Latest news has details of half marathon results.

2006 Trials has the news and video coverage from this year's P-Team trials.


Coming up

Saturday 9 September: Marton - Wanganui Relay

Sunday 17 September: Pelorus Trust Lower Hutt Half and 10k

Saturday 30 September: P-Team Mountain Running Champs

Saturday 7 October: National Road Relays

Sunday 15 October: Masterton Half (Woody) and Full (Edwin) Marathon


The Marathon Men

P-Team marathon rankings for 2006:

1. Grant Mclean - 2:25:52 (New Plymouth)

2. Todd Stevens - 2:38:17 (Wellington)

3. Edwin Massey - 2:57:47 (Christchurch)

4. Matyas James - 3:03:56 (Christchurch)

5. Karl Woodhead - 3:14:58 (New Plymouth)

6. Paul Brydges - 3:46:36 (Rotorua)

7: Stu Beresford - 3:48:21 (Rotorua)



Spankings handed out to the P-Team:

- Ewan Gestro spanked by his wife and by Nic Prendergast at the Great Forest Half at Waitarere (1 April)

- Pid and Paul spanked by Rebecca and Nic at the Rotorua marathon (29 April)


Spankings handed out by the P-Team:

- Captain Puff Lake to Ian 'Seagull' Murray - the ten minute spanking, going against everyone's picks was a supreme spank.

- Edwin "Mad Eddie" Massey, who spanked the 3hour mark at Christchurch. He has now set a standard the rest of the p-team need to aim for.

- Karl Woodhead mows down Matyas James in the last 500 metres of the Wellington half. Runs a 1:23:16 PB to boot.

- Vaile Mexted spanks pretty much everyone else in running a sublime 1:20:48


The P-Team says "Drink Up"



This site is the current home of the p-team website. The P-Team is a group of runners from Wellington Scottish Harriers. Our core ethos revolves around having a few beers, running, lads' trips away and being the heart and soul of Scottish Harriers.


This site keeps you up to date with what we're up to, who's running well and who's not. It won't display anything you can't view at work. And it won't contain anything that can be used in a divorce case. For that, you'll need to join us on a run ;-)


Coming soon - bios of the p-team. Who are those mysterious men? And what are they capable of? All will be revealed soon ...


P-Team Events

P-Team Mountain Running Champs

P-Team trials

2005 National Road Relays



Running events we like

The Buller Gorge Half Marathon

The June Wellington Half - http://www.harbourcapital.co.nz/

The January Wellington Half - http://www.olympicharriers.org.nz/HalfMara.php


Websites we like

Scottish Harriers - http://www.scottishathletics.org.nz/


Once upon a time Bruce Lake was lithe and nimble.


Information on "Wikis" and how to play

  • WhatWikiIs - history and explanation
  • WikiStyle - find out how to edit wikis
  • SandBox - play around here to figure out how to edit wiki pages

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